121108 Sooyoung Leaves a ‘Goodbye’ Video Message for ‘The 3rd Hospital’


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    121108 Sooyoung Leaves a ‘Goodbye’ Video Message for ‘The 3rd Hospital’

    Post by Tetsuya on 2012-11-08, 10:41

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    Updated with Sooyoung’s gift to the staff.
    Since the last episode of “The 3rd Hospital” will air on November 8th, Sooyoung left a “goodbye” video message to thank the viewers for watching.

    In addition to the video, Sooyoung delivered makeup sets along with handwritten letters and autographed Girls’ Generation CDs to the entire 100-member staff, who she has shared ups and downs with together from late winter (last year) to this summer while filming. It was said the message carried in the letter read, “I had fun and was happy living as Euijin. Thank you.”

    “The 3rd Hospital” is Sooyoung’s first drama where she takes a lead role. In the drama, Sooyoung plays the role of Lee Eujin, a viola player who has a crush on Kim Seunghyun, played by Oh Jiho. Through Lee Eujin, viewers can see the many sides of Sooyoung’s acting, from a happy-go-lucky aegyo girl to a mature young woman dealing with her illness. Not only did Sooyoung receive praise for her acting skills from the viewers, but she also received praise from her co-star, Oh Jiho.

    Sooyoung’s video message and translation can be found below:

    “I’ve actually seen Euijin through the script since last year, so she was very familiar. She was so familiar that I can’t imagine living without her now, but I will try to adjust well. I’m crying.

    The first time the director went ‘action’, I panicked, and didn’t know what I was doing, so the first filming was memorable. I think today is the most memorable day for me.

    To ‘The 3rd Hospital’ viewers, a lot of effort was put into making this, so thank you for loving it so much. (T/L note: Sooyoung mumbled during the following part) I’m really happy that a great work came out as we’ve put a lot of effort into it. I feel that you all loved it just as much, so personally, I’m very thankful.

    This was my first drama, so I hope you all watched it in a positive light, and look forward to what I’m in next. Continue to support ‘The 3rd Hospital”s staff and cast a lot, and watch over Girls’ Generation. I love you. Thank you.”

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