130703 Taeyeon to Sing OST Song ‘Bye’ for the Movie ‘Mr. Go’


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    130703 Taeyeon to Sing OST Song ‘Bye’ for the Movie ‘Mr. Go’

    Post by Tetsuya on 2013-07-03, 18:30

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    Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has grabbed people’s attention with her participation in the OST for Korea’s first full 3D film, “Mr. Go”.

    Through “Hong Gil-dong”, “Beethoven Virus”, “Athena – Goddess of War”, “The King 2 Hearts”, and the recently revealed and loved “That Winter, the Wind Blows” OSTs, Taeyeon doubled the emotion in dramas with her outstanding singing. Following television, she has come up as an “OST Goddess” by advancing to the big screen.

    “Bye”, the song that Taeyeon took part in for “Mr. Go”, is a song by musical director Lee Jaehak, who also created masterpiece OSTs with director Kim Yonghwa for Kim Ahjoong’s “Maria” in “200 Pounds Beauty”, as well as Loveholic’s “Butterfly” for “Take Off”, adding onto the anticipation.

    Musical director Lee Jaehak, who created numerous unforgettable OSTs, delivering emotions and making the audience tremble, and Taeyeon’s OST for “Mr. Go” are expected to send an exhilarating pleasant feeling to the audience, boosting everyone’s spirits.

    Also, Taeyeon’s heavy, sensitive voice is expected to present a bold, lingering image to the audience by adding onto the dramatic story of the assertive 15-year old girl, Wei Wei, and the special gorilla, Ling Ling, who silently protects her.
    Taeyeon stated, “As the movies ’200 Pounds Beauty’ and ‘Take Off’ and their songs really left an impression, I really wanted to take part in director Kim Yonghwa’s work once. Thinking about being able to hear my singing with ‘Mr. Go’ on the big screen makes my heart flutter already, and I’m looking forward to it.”

    Meanwhile, Taeyeon’s theme song, “Bye”, for “Mr. Go” will be produced in both Korean and Chinese versions. It is expected to captivate the hearts of Korean and Chinese audiences, as well as audiences all around the world.

    Source: TVReport
    Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
    Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified

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