Pensuke's intro

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    Pensuke's intro

    Post by Pemsuke on 2011-01-24, 02:55

    Hello, I'm a new member here joining the fun. Might as well consider as new Sone. :P
    Excuse my language as I'm not an English speaker.

    The Unnecessary Things that YOU DON'T need to know about ME

    Pensuke - I screwed up during registration, so its pemsuke here. :P
    Age: 21 years OLD
    Date of Birth: October (a scorpio)
    Gender: Aggressive :P
    Height: 186cm
    Weight: around 60-70 kg
    Blood Type: AB-
    Origin: Malaysia
    Location now: somewhere 9131.84 kilometer from Malaysia

    Bahasa Malaysia/Malay language
    japanese (a lilttle, once taken a class)
    Chinese - cantonese (which I failed many times to grasp it)
    Korean - which I get from Hallyu wave recently eventhough I've been following BoA for quite sometime before. :P

    surfing the internet obviously, playing video games etc.

    Anime, Manga, movies, games, adobe photoshop, video making.

    Favourite Colors: Blue, Dark red, black.

    About Me:
    like apple juice. some chocs wouldn't hurt. :P

    Also 'quite' active in deviantart -

    How did I become Sone?
    I think the first time I saw the girls is when the Genie MV released in youtube and it trend'ed in twitter which caused me to watch it. But I was just like, 'oh, beautiful girls dancing and singing.. ok move on'. Then last year, I visited my friend house and he was watching the Star Golden Bell show. So, I had nothing to do and watch it together with him not knowing what will come next. It's the episode where tiffany and some of the girls attend. I was like in ultra spazz mode when Jaedong MC told tiffany to do the wink and bend her head. :affraid: Thats the start of my story being fany bias and slowly loving the others especially taeyeon. :cheers: I bet your story must be more exciting right? :P

    Glad to be here and seeing new faces.
    Hope to learn many thing from you guys.
    Do tell me if I did wrong in any place. and check out my artwork thread -

    Have fun and stay healthy!
    Jessica Jung (제시카)

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    Re: Pensuke's intro

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-02-09, 13:30

    Welcome to SONEms.
    Nice to meet you..
    i'm Jessica from Jakarta, Indonesia Raya

    Happy Posting


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