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    Anneyong~! Helo~! Empty Anneyong~! Helo~!

    Post by luvfishy on 2011-03-01, 17:59

    Anneyonghaseyo~~ ^^ ( __ __ ) *bow*
    Hello... my name is Seliecia, you can call me Selie^^
    I'm 18 y.o and I come from Indonesia^^

    I don't know when I started to love SNSD... I think in their Gee times~
    Before, I just watch their videos and listen to their musics~ because at that time, I just love one or two boybands~ but now I realize that SNSD is so... JJANG!!! they are so talented, their songs are great~ and their dance easily to copy... so I can dance with them ( Anneyong~! Helo~! 87740 haha). I think, the best girls group are Girls Generation~ ^^

    My favorite member are Taeyeon and Seohyun onnie~ but I like all of them~^^ because nobody's perfect right?

    This is my intro~ I hope I can make some new friends here~ ^^ nice to meet you all ^^
    Terimakasih, Gamsahamnida, Xie Xie, Arigatou, Thank You~ ^^

    Anneyong~! Helo~! 853647
    Jessica Jung (제시카)
    Jessica Jung (제시카)

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    Anneyong~! Helo~! Empty Re: Anneyong~! Helo~!

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-03-02, 09:20

    thank you for your fairly complete introduction
    hi Selie there, i also from indonesia..^^
    can call me Jessica Anneyong~! Helo~! 90764 22 y.o going to 23

    if you need help you can PM to me, and I will be happy to help you. i'll remember it, Selie..^^
    nice to meet u too, xie xie.. hehe

    Anneyong~! Helo~! QaolR

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