hi! nice to meet u everyone! :P

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    hi! nice to meet u everyone! :P

    Post by moko-chan on 2011-03-12, 00:03

    like the title said, nice to meet u everyone!
    I'm here cause I'm totally addicted with this Girl Group!
    what can I say?
    I know them for a very long time, but, (I don't know why)
    I never thought of joining a forum xD pretty strange actually,
    I almost forgot that I have to introduce myself!XD
    My name's Carmela, I'm from Italy and I'm 20!^^(21 this year )
    My hobbies r drawing, riding horse, videogames, manga, anime ...Drama(that I totally LOVE XD)
    and ....K-pop can't be forgotten of course!
    The group that I love the most is SHINee! they r absolutely my favourite XD(mianhae...SNDS )
    I also like 2am, 2pm CNblue.... (and a no-ending list of singer that I can't remember right now! xDD)

    anyway My favourite SNDS's member is Seohyun
    she's really unique, cute and funny at her way xDD
    and sooo...
    I fell in love with "Goguma Couple" as well *_*
    I really think they suit each other perfectly!
    and everytime I watch and episode I laugh so hard tha my mom enter and says "what r u laughing for?" and she look at me with a perpless face

    I have to warn u guys i'm out of my mind most of my time(now as well...o.o)
    anyway, I'm gonna end this embarassing little poem and greet u again^^
    nice to meet uu hope we get along well!!

    Jessica Jung (제시카)
    Jessica Jung (제시카)

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    Re: hi! nice to meet u everyone! :P

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-03-12, 21:29

    wow , it's very long. Thank you for your intro

    hello carmela, i'm from Indonesia (south east asia country). nevermind , if you also like other bands because it's good too
    your hobbies are wonderful and i like it

    yes we can watch "goguma couple" every Saturday
    i'm jessica. if you need something , you can call / PM to me.
    nice to meet u..^^


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    Re: hi! nice to meet u everyone! :P

    Post by genieforyou- on 2011-03-13, 04:18

    Hi it's nice to meet you~~!
    My favorite member is Seohyun too :3 Goguma Couple Forever

    I have a feeling that we're gonna get along well^^~

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    Re: hi! nice to meet u everyone! :P

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