sengal here and sengal everywhere :D

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    sengal here and sengal everywhere :D

    Post by sengal on 2011-03-28, 13:17

    aneyong-haseyo~sengal imida!pangabsumida!

    sengal from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia!and i think i know who is Tetsuya :P
    age:not samchon yet but not so dongsaeng,can call me oppa for sure!
    join here coz my friend suggest me here,got subbed yongseo couple!before this went to rdr sub but they only sub til 39 and cont back at 47,so im picking up back the gap between those hole in here so i hope i can find ep 40++ here!

    need to spam till 15 post eh!:P

    for tetsuya:if u want to have gath at Pahang again, there probably new member will be coming :D
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    Re: sengal here and sengal everywhere :D

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-03-28, 15:49

    hello sengal..
    i'm jessica from jakarta, Indonesia.
    i also love watching goguma couple, my friends downloads WGM English Subbed from this site

    i also ever joined gath but in my country. lol
    anyways, if you need something in this place, you can also find me and maybe I can help you here.
    nice to meet you, enjoy the forum..


    "What hurts them, will only make them stronger. True 소녀시대 fans believe in the power of 9"
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    Re: sengal here and sengal everywhere :D

    Post by Rothy on 2011-04-08, 02:20

    Hi Sengal!
    Welcome! My name is Rothy
    and im 24 years old from boston.
    It's Nice to meet you. hope to see
    you around and post lots. ^_^

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    Re: sengal here and sengal everywhere :D

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