My Hello to Everyone :D <3

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    My Hello to Everyone :D <3 Empty My Hello to Everyone :D <3

    Post by cairen on 2011-04-15, 16:30

    Cindy. 22.
    PR student.
    I admire Soo Young beauty and Tiffany's smile.
    Listen to Run Devils Run every single day for months now, like drug. (crazy huh?) I just LOVE the lyric, and their style and dancing.
    I'm a total newbie as Sone.
    Hope you all can help, and hope we can be friend here! <3 <3 My Hello to Everyone :D <3 74052
    Jessica Jung (제시카)
    Jessica Jung (제시카)

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    My Hello to Everyone :D <3 Empty Re: My Hello to Everyone :D <3

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-04-15, 16:55

    Hi Cindy
    can call me jessica. 23 y.o from jakarta, Indonesia too
    if you need something, you can call me like the other members. maybe i can help u.
    i am a gorJess Spazzer & YoonAddicts.
    anyways, happy posting. nice to meet you

    My Hello to Everyone :D <3 QaolR

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