Felix Ma / TaeYeon Asian French Fan

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    Felix Ma / TaeYeon Asian French Fan

    Post by fifilixma on 2011-06-15, 23:29


    Hi, my name is my Felix. I'm 26, I live in Paris and I knew Tae Yeon front of my TV. Since I never left her eyes when I see her sing.

    My Origins : Hong Kong - China - France

    First of all I love the sport in general, football, movies and TV series Asian / American, internet, news etc ...

    My genres are very broad: French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American etc. .....
    I Speak Many Languages: Cantonese (chinese dialect), French & English

    Why Tae Yeon?

    She is above all a complete artist capable of doing everything on music, television & radio. She was a presenter for its early music program "Chin Chin Radio" in Korea, actress in the musical "Morning Sun". Tae Yeon is unique!
    Both not very challenging as the other artists that you often in the Peoples, she is very natural with a beautiful Smile during photo shoots and mature intact despite her age.

    Talented for her singing, she has everything to be a star! The powerful voice, charisma, a bubbly girl, full of energy & a real show girl!!
    I admire so much the tone of his voice gives me chills & ability to set the bar very high to treble during his vocalizations as great divas.
    Among my musical influences that I listen. I place as a CrossOver singer, an artist capable of singing in any genre of music: Dance, Pop Rock, Ballads, Jazz, Soul etc. ...

    Tae Yeon has a voice reminiscent of other Artists of the moment include: Alanis Morissette, Hayley Williams (Paramore), Kelly Clarkson, Delta Goodrem, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Agnes, Michelle Branch, Nicole Scherzinger & many others.
    Their commonality is that they each have a particular tone of voice somewhat similar to that Tae Yeon. When I listen to their songs at home, I imagine Tae Yeon singing their songs on stage or playing through a clip.

    I see her one day make an international solo career with a contract in a U.S. major label, a Country KPOP Music album in English & Korean songs with collaborate composer & songwriter Taylor Swift. She's the only artist who I advised her to make a quality album. When will his album in the back I'll buy it right away and she is right now number 1 in the USA, Korea & worldwide. The American Dream holds out her arms & she will become true. She will be the first Asian to perform at Country Music in the USA finally hope that play all his songs in local radio. It should be between the SM & Taylor Swift can connect with Tae Yeon to exploit the KPOP through the Country Music throughout Asia to rise to a new genre: The Country KPOP Music !
    I expect a lot from it that takes risks but not too much to overcome and that she is simply fun to do!.

    I say yes because it has everything to do career in the USA. She will be the New Big Star of Country KPOP Music!


    Tae Yeon & Other Artists:

    Hayley Williams (Paramore)

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