Hello. 안녕 하새요.


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    Hello. 안녕 하새요.  Empty Hello. 안녕 하새요.

    Post by Yoongling on 2011-08-13, 07:46

    Hello. I'm new here at Sonems. This is my first time joining here because I am also a member of Soshified, just a MEMBER. I don't have any positions there.

    I'm Angiee, 14 years breathing. My favorite SNSD members are Taeyeon and Yoona. So, what's up Taegangers and Yoonaddicts out there? Lol. I am from Philippines. Filipinos out there? Lol.

    I liked and loved SNSD since 2009 until now. It was Genie & Gee era, right? I really first noticed Sooyoung and not Taeyeon. But I really liked more Taeyeon, of course, I also love Sooyoung and all of them. Then, my friend told me that Yoona is the "face" of the group, well, she's totally cute and pretty.

    My favorite SNSD couples are YoonYul, TaeNy, and HyoYoung. I think they're the best couples!

    So much talking now. Nice to meet you, SONES! Have a great time.

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