My useless introduction ~

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    My useless introduction ~

    Post by sun-hee on 2011-09-14, 18:51

    Hi there !
    i'm a french s♥️ne ~ sopleasedon'tblamemeifmyenglishsucks
    i'd like to have more friends and to find SNSD's subs videos (coz ssf is kinda slow this days)
    i'd like to be an active member, even though my english is not as cool as Tiffany's one

    About soshi ... I love all members (coz i believe in the power of 9 !) but still, I have my favorites members, which are Tiffany, Taeyeon Yuri and Jessica (no specific order) ButhonestlyafterbeenatthefirstParisSMTOWNconcert...iwaslike"OHmygodFanyismyfavorite!" ...but i still love other members anyway !

    I hope i'll have friends here, even if i've noticed that introduction's topic are not "hot topic" over here xD

    PS: i love those cute emoticons hahaha

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    Re: My useless introduction ~

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-11-19, 06:53

    nice to meet you welcome to SONEms~


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