I'am not Luciferianism, but I'm Luciferinne

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    I'am not Luciferianism, but I'm Luciferinne Empty I'am not Luciferianism, but I'm Luciferinne

    Post by Luciferinne on 2011-10-02, 09:14

    Good Evening all, (^ o ^) /
    I'm sorry if the name of this thread is so Annoying~
    You know the meaning of this Thread..
    "I'am not Luciferianism" means I am not a worshiper of Lucifer / Satan.
    "But, I'm Luciferinne" I mean it's i'am Luciferinne =))
    ah so this OOT .. Sorry ^^

    __________________________________________________ ______

    Introduce my name is Sebastian Lovesgood.
    Maybe you know, In Forum World i'm use Luciferinne, in RPForum I'm use Lovesgood Sebastian. may know me?
    My Gender: Male / Female
    __________________________________________________ ______

    About SNSD,
    I Like SNSD because that Girlband have a Pretty Members and Great Songs~
    My Favourite member is Yoona and Jessica so Pretty ♥
    My Favourite songs is GEE

    Sebastian Lovesgood [Luciferinne]
    13:15 AM (GMT+7) at SONEms.

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