120218 Girls’ Generation and the ‘Dangerous Boys’ take a mini-vacation

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    120218 Girls’ Generation and the ‘Dangerous Boys’ take a mini-vacation

    Post by yooniversity on 2012-02-18, 13:45

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    The ladies of Girls’ Generation took a trip with the boys of jTBC‘s ‘Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys‘.

    On the episode that’s scheduled to air on February 19th, the troubled teenage boys only had a week left to polish their dance routine for ‘Street Jam‘, and the girls wanted to give the exhausted boys a break. Together, they traveled to Gyunggi-go Yang Pyung to take a mini-vacation.

    The boys’ mothers also dropped by for a surprise visit. Upon seeing the girls for the first time, they remarked, “They look like dolls, just like the boys always told us,” praising the girls’ beauty. They also deeply thanked the members for showing unending interest in the boys and being good mentors to their troubled teens.

    The boys and their mothers also had the opportunity to reveal some honest thoughts and feelings that they had kept hidden until now.

    Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate

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