120315 Girls’ Generation member Yuri shares her thoughts on acting for the first time

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    120315 Girls’ Generation member Yuri shares her thoughts on acting for the first time

    Post by yooniversity on 2012-03-15, 06:53

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    SBS‘ newest drama series ‘Fashion King‘ airs its pilot episode next week, and Girls’ Generationmember Yuri who has been cast as a female lead shared her thoughts on acting for the first time.

    At a recent press conference for ‘Fashion King’, Yuri cautiously remarked, “I know that I am lacking in a lot of ways because this is my first time acting, and I am worried about how the viewers will assess my talent.”

    “As a singer, you have to spill a lot of energy onto the stage at once, but as an actress, you have to take in a deeper breath and focus on delivering specific emotions with each scene,” she continued. “Each profession has it’s unique appeals. I know that I’m still an amateur, but I have a lot of interest in acting, and I am glad I was given the opportunity to act.”

    PD Lee Myun Woo played a large role in helping Yuri with her acting, as did her fellow Girls’ Generation members. PD Lee captured Yuri’s scenes on camera and gave them to her, which helped her practice.

    “The members also help me read my lines and give me advice for my character,” she continued. “I am more bright and outgoing, whereas my character Anna Choi is calm and quiet. On set, I have to try to not speak as much as I do normally and always remain calms. More than acting, I try to become the character herself.”

    Meanwhile, ‘Fashion King’ tells the story of four young and ambitious individuals who make their dream of becoming a successful designer into a reality. Along their journey, they face hardships, and experience first love.

    The drama stars Kwon Yuri, Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, and Lee Jae Hoon. First episode airs March 19th.

    Source & Image: Newsen via Nate & Allkpop

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