120320 Anticipation for Yuri’s acting debut in ‘Fashion King’ goes up after preview

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    120320 Anticipation for Yuri’s acting debut in ‘Fashion King’ goes up after preview

    Post by yooniversity on 2012-03-20, 17:53

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    The preview for the second episode of ‘Fashion King‘, where Girls’ Generation member Yuri will make her debut has raised the anticipation level of the viewers.

    On March 19th, SBS’s ‘Fashion King’ aired its first episode which told the story of an orphan Lee Ga Young, played by Shin Se Kyung and Chang Young Gul played by Yoo Ah In. The character Choi Anna played by Girls’ Generation member Yuri did not make an appearance.

    Lee Ga Young’s parents worked as designers in a boutique but were falsely charged with arson by a scheme set up by Madam Cho. Lee Ga Young had nowhere to go and ended up going to Dongdae-mun, where she worked a sewing machine at the store that Chang Young Gul owned and that is where their relationship begins.

    Chang Young Gul caught onto Lee Ga Young’s ability at once and when he found out that she was accepted to a fashion school in America, he lent her money to get a plane ticket. Chang Young Gul’s classmate and heir to the brand company Jay Fashion, Chung Jae Hyuk, played by Lee Jae Hoon, was ordered by his parents to go to New York.

    Towards the end of the episode, Chang Young Gul got involved with the girlfriend of a mobster and ran away on a boat. It seems that the these three characters will end up reuniting in New York.

    Yuri will be making her acting debut through ‘Fashion King’ and appeared in the preview for the next episode, where it seems she will encounter the other three in New York. In the preview, Chung Jae Hyuk tells Choi Anna that they should rekindle their relationship, to which she coldly responds by saying, “Wipe your mouth.” In another scene she sees Chang Young Gul loitering in front of the studio naked and says, “I know you’re not gay but why are you standing out here like this?” and showed off her coolness.

    Viewers went to the online board and commented, “I am waiting for Yuri’s appearance, when is she coming out?“, “My eyes are about to pop out waiting for Yuri. Seeing the preview I assume she will appear tomorrow“, and “I have to wait until tomorrow to see Yuri? i hope she comes out a lot tomorrow!”

    Source: Nate News & Allkpop

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