120321 Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung cast as the female lead in new medical drama

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    120321 Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung cast as the female lead in new medical drama

    Post by yooniversity on 2012-03-21, 06:10

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    Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung has been selected as the female lead in a new drama series!

    Sooyoung has been cast in the new medical drama ‘Third Hospital‘ along with veteran actors Kim Seung Woo, Oh Jiho, and Kim Min Jung.

    ‘Third Hospital’ was produced by Taewon Entertainment who in the past have also delivered the major hit series ‘IRIS‘ and ‘Athena‘. The new series will be broadcasted through tvN.

    The backdrop for the medical drama is the neurosurgery department of an alternative hospital, where a battle between traditional Eastern medicine and Western medicine constantly takes place.

    Though their methods are different, all the doctors are passionately dedicated to giving their patients the very best treatment that they deserve.

    ‘Third Hospital’ is sure to warm the hearts of viewers who will be able to relate with the characters.

    Sooyoung will be playing the role of violist Eujin in the drama, and fans are highly anticipating the first episode as this is the first time Sooyoung will be playing a lead role.

    A representative from SM Entertainment remarked, “Sooyoung has acted once before in the movie ‘Happily Ever After‘, and her experience only further heightens fans’ expectations for her new role. Sooyoung has been really wanting to act in a new drama and therefore is overflowing with will power and ambition.”

    Source: Allkpop

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