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  1. viruskorea22
    2011-05-20, 11:53
    Message by viruskorea22 - @sica from lina
    hi sica....how are u???? u n 8 members very fantastic!!!!!!i'm very proud of u and 8 members too...please,coming to indonesia.... i hope so!!!!!
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  2. ellejia
    2011-04-16, 16:19
    Message by ellejia
    hi, jessica jung...

    do you have the sub yongseo ep 51 3/3?
  3. wee
    2011-03-27, 14:27
    Message by wee - SNSD concert
    annyeong haseyeo onnie...
    please give me information, if there SNSD concert in singapore or Thailand..

    thx b4
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    2011-03-04, 14:58
    Message by dinii.sone
    JESSICA JUNG my MIND bro!! xD

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  5. Jessica Jung (제시카)
    2011-02-11, 19:35
    Message by Jessica Jung (제시카)
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    2011-02-09, 13:16
    Message by dinii.sone
    Annyeong .. :D

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