Hello...newbie here...

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    Hello...newbie here...

    Post by ohmyKEY on 2010-11-29, 20:37


    >My real name : Nur Atika Afzan binti Ramli
    >You can called me,Eyka or Afzan or anything you want to call me.
    >I am 18 years old this year
    >I 'm still studying in politechnic in my beloved country,Malaysia
    >I love Super Junior,SNSD,SHINee,F[X],Big Bang and Wonder Girls because do i need a reason why?
    >Aside with all the groups, I'm Harry Potter's addict.
    >My fav character is Draco Lucius Malfoy or else Draco.

    >My first biased is Maknae Seohyun. I love her because..i don't know why....i just automatically love her....since she's pretty...and..have a good voice too..
    >I love her attitudes in Intimate Notes..Seriously..she's so weird..but i still love her...when she got a chance to film We Got Married[WGM] with CNBLUE Yonghwa...I'm feel unstatisfied.. because..i love her with Super Junior,Kyuhyun....i never watch their WGM episode..since i'm loyal to SEOKYU.....I will never watch it....PROMISE!!!
    >Then..i began to love Sooyoung and Yuri...I don't know what's getting in my mind..i start to love Ice Princess,Jessica....she's cute!
    >I had watch one performance of Tell Me your wish...without Tiffany if i'm not mistaken..that time..seriously...it's so lacking....there's only 8 of them...i'm just thinking..why Fany is not there? However..i still love them....FOREVER 9!
    >I'm so confused when many antis didn't like Fany....is she rude? NO!!! She never rude...maybe..antis are jealous...i knew it...they didn't have what our 9 angels have.....they can say whatever they want..LET'S IGNORE ANTIs SONEs!!!!

    >FOREVER 9
    >Start with Taeyeon..End with SONEs...
    >Start with Taeyeon...End with Seohyun....

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    Re: Hello...newbie here...

    Post by Tetsuya on 2010-11-30, 06:25

    Wow Finally a Detailed intro haha
    Welcome to SONEms
    I love WGM. After few episode of WGM, i love CNBlue
    lol you should try

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    Re: Hello...newbie here...

    Post by mia.a on 2011-01-24, 14:25

    Hello Eyka! Nice to meet you!
    Like Tetsuya, I love WGM and after watching a couple of episodes, I got into CN Blue too! hahaha! :D
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    Re: Hello...newbie here...

    Post by bimaerrawan on 2011-01-25, 08:59

    Hello Eyka! Nice to meet you!
    Like Tetsuya, I love WGM and after watching a couple of episodes, I got into CN Blue too! hahaha!
    Jessica Jung (제시카)

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    Re: Hello...newbie here...

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-02-09, 08:19

    Hello Eyka.. Your introduction's too complete, LOL
    Jessica Here
    22 y.o going to 23 from Jakarta, Indonesia Pusaka
    nice too meet you

    happy posting


    "What hurts them, will only make them stronger. True 소녀시대 fans believe in the power of 9"

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    Re: Hello...newbie here...

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