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    ~ Annyeonghaseyo, My Introduction! ~ Empty ~ Annyeonghaseyo, My Introduction! ~

    Post by RMReviewsable on 2012-02-07, 12:58

    Hey Guys,
    I wouldn't say I'm new to the website because I have been using SONEms for news and updates for a while now, but now I decided to join the forum! To tell you a little about myself:

    I am 16 years old, turning 17 this year. I live in Australia, where there are little (none that I know) SONEs in my area. I was born in the Philippines but moved to Australia when I was young(er). I love my nine angels, and need to keep up to date with every news about them! I figured, joining a forum would allow me to interact with fellow SONEs!
    My favourite (or favorite, depending where you are from) member, or bias, is Taeyeon. She will remain my ultimate bias in Girl's Generation. I am also a huge fan of Taeny!

    I also have a youtube channel under the same name, where I like to post my vlogs about Kpop!

    Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading. ~ Annyeonghaseyo, My Introduction! ~ 259929

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    ~ Annyeonghaseyo, My Introduction! ~ Empty Re: ~ Annyeonghaseyo, My Introduction! ~

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2012-02-09, 15:52

    welcome to SONEms, hope u like here ^^

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