120229 How Much is Girls’ Generation’s Dorm Worth?

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    120229 How Much is Girls’ Generation’s Dorm Worth?

    Post by yooniversity on 2012-02-29, 16:25

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    We knew the Girls’ Generation members lived a lavish lifestyle. Still, the price of the girls’ dormitory may astonish you.
    On the February 27 broadcast of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, the show took its cameras to the neighborhood in Seoul where the girl group’s dorm is located.

    After the security guard verified to the show’s producer that the building was indeed where the Girls’ Generation members currently live, he revealed some anecdotes about the members, including the fact that the members are well-mannered, but Seohyun and Taeyeon, in particular, always greet him in high spirits.

    A realtor, Kim Jong Hyuk, was also interviewed for the segment, and he revealed that the market price for a dorm like the spacious 100-pyung home the girls live in is around 800 to 900 million won (roughly $700,000 to $800,000 USD). He added that the security deposit is about 100 million won, while the monthly rent is about four to six million won.

    It′s difficult to imagine how much it would cost to house nine normal girls, let alone nine K-Pop superstars who are taking over the world.

    Source: enewsworld
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    Re: 120229 How Much is Girls’ Generation’s Dorm Worth?

    Post by silverlightexia on 2012-03-04, 22:12

    That house should have been the most valuable house in Korea, 9 superstars under one roof, and 9 cutest girls above all.. =)

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