“SNSD’s Yoona In My Dream...” KBS Announcer Lee Jungmin Talks About Her Pregnancy

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    “SNSD’s Yoona In My Dream...” KBS Announcer Lee Jungmin Talks About Her Pregnancy

    Post by strawberryturtle on 2013-04-04, 03:33

    KBS announcer Lee Jungmin (age 33) after 8 months of marriage has announced news of her pregnancy.

    On the morning of the 29th, Lee told Star News over the phone, "I announced my pregnancy this past Thursday afternoon on KBS 2TV's, 'The Dignity of Family - Full House.'" She continued, "I got pregnant towards the end of January, so the expected date of delivery is sometime in September. Starting with my husband, my family has all wished me congratulations."

    "The baby's name will be 'Dignity,' taken from the program that I am currently hosting, 'The Dignity of Family.' I have found that my experience being pregnant and the first airing of the show this past February share similarities, and I hope my child will grow to be someone with dignity," she added.

    "I'm very happy that I'm with child, and what's more, I feel extremely fortunate. My pregnancy has not interfered with my work, and in fact, my personality has brightened," she said. "Even now there are times when I can't get over the fact that I'm pregnant."

    "After conceiving, I had several precognitive dreams about giving birth," she continued. Although she did not remember all the dreams, she was happy to remember that Yoona and Sooyoung of Girl's Generation made an appearance in her dream.

    "Sooyoung was in my dream, and Yoona was in my husband's. We both had a similar day dream," she said and continued, "After I told Lee Kyunggoo, my senior colleague who hosts with me on 'The Dignity of Family,' about the dreams, he told me, 'You're going to have a son. If it's a girl, I think she will be as pretty as the SNSD members."

    Regarding whether or not she will be taking a break from hosting 'The Dignity of Family' due to her pregnancy, Lee has confirmed, "Since we're due in September, I won't be leaving the program. Up until the day of birth, I have no plans to quit working. In fact, the production crew on 'The Dignity of Family' even told me we should keep going until my water breaks."

    Lee stated, "Until I deliver, I will take care of my health so I can give birth to a healthy baby."

    On May 26th of last year, Lee married Mr. A, an ear and throat doctor who is three years her senior. In 2005, she was joined KBS as announcer and hosted KBS 2TV VJ Special Unit and KBS 1TV News Plaza. Other than 'The Dignity of Family,' Lee is actively working as MC for KBS 2TV 'Live News Feed' and KBS 1TV 'The Secret of Birth, Old age, Sickness, and Death.'

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